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Anastasia Reilly


A Brooklyn beauty whom producer Raymond Hitchcock discovered in his neighborhood and slotted in the 1919 edition of his "Hitchy-Koo" revue, Anastasia Reilly's stage career followed the storybook trajectory: a living wage as a tap dancer at age fourteen, a call from Florenz Ziegfeld and a featured spot in the "Follies" of 1921, a face known throughout the country by the time she was seventeen, constant employment in one or another of the productions by Ziegfeld's network (Billie Burke's "Annie Dear," "Ziegfeld Follies of 1922," Richard Herndon's "Americana," Ziegfeld's "Louie the 14th," and Gene Buck's "Your's Truly"), and finally marriage to Ziegfeld's nephew, a Yale educated millionaire, Theodore Buhl, who took her away to a life of luxury in Detroit, Michigan, during its heyday. Ted Buhl proved to be an intelligent spouse, allowing "Stasia" to find her own means of expression. She became a newspaper columnist and partner in the Gross Pointe American. David S. Shields/ALS