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Eddie Redway



Small, red-headed, and awkward, comedian Eddie Redway [Percy Saylor] was a master of eccentric gestures and odd facial expressions. A fixture in George Edwardes's London Company, he was brought to the United States in 1901 to play in "The Chaperones." His American career climaxed in the 1905-06 seasons when he starred in "Smiling Island" and then played the title role in the musical, "Gingerbread Man." In 1907 he appeared with May Vokes in "A Knight for a Day." When that attraction faded he joined the touring company of "Babes in Toyland" in 1908 a venture that took a critical drubbing in several American small cities. He determined to tour Vaudeville and after several seasons migrated to motion pictures. He joined Essenay's comedy troupe in 1914 and produced several stapstick marvels. But he was forced to leave off film making when he contracted tuberculosis. He died of the disease in 1919, aged 49. David S. Shields/ALS