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Florence Hedges


A handsome ingenue who began her career as a songstress in Philadelphia, Florence Hedges gravitated to Broadway in the early 1920s. She enjoyed playing time with the Marx Brothers in "I'll Say She Is," with the 6th edition of "The Greenwich Village Follies," "Take it From Me," and in "Up in the Clouds" while spending half of her stage time in vaudeville. Her headlining vaudeville act, "Broadway Bits," was performed with a small troupe and drew on her stage experience. When vaudeville died in the early 1930s, she transferred her act to radio and became a variety performer appearing in numbers of broadcasts.

Though small in stature, Hedges was an adherent of physical culture, she organized fellow showgirls into sculling crews when playing in Boston, was a champion handball player, capable sprinter, and distance swimmer. David S. Shields/ALS