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Grace Rawlinson


An English provincial actress who worked in the United States for three seasons, from 1870 through 1873, Grace Rawlinson initially appeared as a replacement in "The Black Crook," and more substantially as a touring repertoire artist co-starring with Neil Warner. Her stint as Amina in "The Black Crook" was short-lived, and she quickly secured a booking at the Louisville Opera House working with James Stewart and Cordelia Cappell.

In late 1871 she teamed with Warner, in a minimalist tour of Shakespearean readings, and favorite scenes from historical dramas such as "Ingomar" and "The Hunchback." By 1873 the troupe had added original members, returned to New York for a stint in the Bowery Theater where the couple performed "A New Way to Pay Old Debts," "Macbeth," "The Corsican Brothers," and "Richard III." This appears to have marked the end of Rawlinson's American sojourn. David S. Shields/ALS