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Helen Hale



A Wellesley undergrad from Cleveland with a hankering for limelight, Helen Hale [Helen R. Cogswell] charmed her way into the chorus of "The Prince of Pilsen" beginning a storybook rise from showgirl to musical comedy star in six seasons. During the first decade of the 20th century she ranked among the most popular soubrettes on Broadway. She sang well, danced demurely and entranced audiences in "Peggy from Paris," "Woodland," and "The Man from Now." Yet she had been schooled in serious drama at college, and sought serious roles. So her musical comedy outings intertwined with dramas - "Du Barry" (1901), "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall," (1903), and finally "The Patriot" (1908). The highlight of her career was her merry performance with Raymond Hubbell in 1907's "The Yankee Tourist." In 1909 she married actor and writer William Hodge and left the stage. David S. Shields/ALS