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Jeanette Lowrie



A Welsh-born comic songstress, Jeanette Lowrie, followed an apprenticeship as an ingenue in the Clara Morris company as a featured player with comedian Thomas Seabrooke, appearing in "The Speculator." They married, although the relationship was troubled from the beginning and did not last.

From 1900 to 1910 Lowrie appeared as vocal lead in numbers of musical comedies. She toured in "Florodora," "The Wizard of Oz," and "The Rounders." She became a Broadway headliner in 1906 in John Philip Sousa's "The Free Lance." She possessed extraordinary control of her facial muscles and delighted audiences by the humorous grotesquery of her expressions. For this talent Lew Fields installed her as the female head of his boisterous crew of musical comedians. She toured in the road companies of Victor Herbert's "It Happened in Nordland" and his "Dolly Dollars."

In 1912 Lowrie enjoyed Broadway success as the lead in "The Mind the Paint Girl." Her final New York appearances were in 1919's "See-Saw." Her opposition to the actor's strike in that year made her a pariah in the performing community. Her remaining career was conducted in provincial vaudeville. David S. Shields/ALS