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June Elvidge


(1893-1965) Stage and screen star June Elvidge’s career spanned a little over a decade, from her premier in the Schubert Winter Garden "Passing Show of 1914" to her last performances in a Chicago show in 1926. An all-around performer who could compel notice in an operetta such as Victor Herbert’s "Girl in the Spotlight" (1920) or galvanize movie audiences in films such as "The Power and the Glory" and "A Woman of Redemption," Elvidge possessed a kind of feminine energy that bordered on aggression. Entering the film industry in 1915 in New York, she would play in 70 features, often as the vamp, seductress, and never as a historical figure. Married twice, she retired in 1926 to enjoy the comforts of being the spouse of a stock broker.