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Leonora von Ottinger


Often cast as a foreign noblewoman, Leonora von Ottinger, after years toiling for theatrical managers Leibler & Company, emerged into critical and popular favor in 1909-1911. As the Russian baroness Revenal in Zangwell's "The Melting Pot" she secured sufficient allure to be recruited by William Hodge's Company and appear as countess Helene de Champigny in Hodge's hit, "The Man from Home" (1912). Though a middle-aged trouper, she glimpsed how the currents of entertainment were flowing and signed on the Victor Motion Picture Company doing Florence Lawrence two reelers in 1913. Most of her performing career in the 1910s took place in the movies, in shorts from 1913-1916, as well as feature length presentations. The films of that era seem to have needed an imperious married woman glowering in the background of the action. David S. Shields/ALS