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Lottie Collins



Miss "Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay" was an English-born musical hall singer and dancer whose career began in 1877 as part of a sister act. While Lottie Collins became a solo act in the mid-1880s, she never possessed the terpsicorean skill nor the vocal finesse to translate her career onto the comic opera/musical theater stage. She had a brief London stint with "Monte Cristo, Jr.," a burlesque company.

Collins' 1889 tour of the United States acquainted her with the song that she became famous for performing. When she took in back to London, it became a sensation, particularly when she showed a flash of leg with the "BOOM" of the chorus. Her tours of the United States never got her out of the vaudeville circuits. She ceased performing with the turn of the century. David S. Shields/ALS