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Margaret Livingston



One of the stylish brunettes with crisp modernist bangs who typified the flapper era, Margaret Livingston, began acting with her sister Ivy in the stock companies in her native Utah, but at the age of sixteen broke into the movies, commencing a career that lasted eighteen years. Never a first rank talent, she played an enormous variety of roles from maids to society ladies. She served as a double for Louise Brooks in the "Canary Murder Case."

As wife of popular bandleader, Paul Whiteman, she was a conspicuous presence on the American scene during the jazz age. For a performer of moderate skills, she enjoyed extraordinary face recognition during the 1920s. She had the good fortune to appear in "Sunrise." Critics frequently commented on the unmelodiousness of her voice in her several appearances, usually as fashionplates, in the talkies. David S. Shields/ALS