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Neva Lynn Baldwin


Neva Lynn (fl. 1924-1932)

Show girl Neva Lynn was a favorite cheesecake model of the late 1920s. Because she early realized that her interest lay entirely in her looks, she gravitated toward jobs that required minimum exertion--dressing as a Cleopatra in the 1927 Oriental Exhibition at Madison Square Garden--or undressing as one of the nymphs in 1924's and 1927's "Artists and Models." The willowy brunette was striking enough to be hired as a back row beauty in a series of revue choruses--"Great Temptations," "Gay Paree," "Luckee Girl," "Pleasure Bound." In 1930 she achieved the pinnacle of Showgirldom, securing a place in the chorus of Ziegfeld's "Simple Simon." The remainder of her career (with the exception of a solitary screen appearance as a Goldwyn Girl in 1931's "Palmy Days") consisted of serving as Ziegfeldian eye candy in "Smiles," "Hot Cha," and the final edition of the "Follies." In "Simple Simon" she shared the stage with Hazel Forbes, the recently divorced 4th wife of automobile designer Edward Judson. Lynn briefly flirted with the notion of becoming Judson's fifth, before the romance went sour. Throughout the 1930s she parlayed her reputation as a Follies beauty into a series of romantic adventures with millionaires and heirs--playboy Tommy Manville, Ted Baldwin (whom she married and divorced), broker B. G. Robinson, jeweler Arthur Weber, and finally William Jaffee (whom she married in 1943).