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Nydia Westman



A proficient and versatile actress, Nydia Westman enjoyed success on the stage, in cinema, and on television. The daughter of vaudevillians, Westman learned her timing and audience address in her parents' family act, and received her first credits in a feature role in the touring company of "On the Hiring Line" a satire starring May Irwin. Her first starring role was as Mildred Buckley in the touring company of "Lightnin'" in 1921.

Her first Broadway hit was the 1924 Anne Morrison comedy "Pigs" that had a 312-night run. Her next offering, 1926's "Two Girls Wanted," proved an even greater success, charting 324 performances. For the rest of the decade she proved to be a bankable presence on the stage, culminating in 1930's revival of "Lysistrata" which played 252 performances. She married producer Robert Sparks and turned her attention to motion pictures. There she proved as durable and versatile on the screen as on the stage, excelling in urbane comedy and in moody dramas. David S. Shields/ALS