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Romney Brent



The son of a diplomat, playwright-actor-director Romney Brent was born Romulo Larralde in Mexico in 1902. Educated in the United States during his father's posting in New York, Brent's good looks, wit, and charm won him entree with the cosmopolitan Theater Guild. He debuted in "He Who Gets Slapped" at age twenty and commenced an extraordinarily varied career, that saw him singing and hoofing in two editions of the "Garrick Gaieties," co-writing "Nymph Errant" with Cole Porter in London, writing an unsuccessful High Society comedy "The Mad Hopes," playing in classics of the modern theater repertory, performing in Noel Coward's "Words & Music," appearing as a hidalgo in series of Latin-tinged swashbuckling films, directing plays and films, making regular appearances in 1950s TV variety shows, and serving as a cultural ambassador to several Latin American countries. The last seven years of his life were spent in Mexico City teaching drama. David S. Shields/ALS