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Rubye DeRemer



Blonde silent star Rubye DeRemer was born and educated in Denver, Colorado, but heeding the advice of a family friend headed to New York City to seek fame and fortune. She won a place in the 1917 "Ziegfeld Follies" and became one of the featured girls in the 1918 Midnight Frolic. In the spring of 1918 Weber and Fields enticed her from the Amsterdam Theater's rooftop with the promise of speaking as well as dancing parts in their revue, "Back Again." Yet reciting dialogue would not be DeRemer's path to fame.

From her days as a Follies chorine DeRemer had worked on the side during the daytime as an actress for various New York-based film companies. Certain of these films, "The Auction Block" and "Ashes of Love," found an audience. She was signed by Lasky who presented her in feature after feature as an incarnation of feminine passion. Her greatest success was in 1922's "The Unconquered Woman." She retired at the peak of her powers in 1923 after playing the lead in "Don't Marry for Money," and spent years indulging her passion for breeding German Shepherds. David S. Shields/ALS