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Sydney Brough



Scion of an acting family and trained by his father, the comedian Lionel Brough, Sydney Brough enjoyed a twenty-five year career as a servicable leading man. His American premiere occurred in 1886 in the Casino Theatre, New York, as a member of the Violet Cameron Opera Company. His English career was decidedly miscellaneous, filled with odd projects such as the English revision of "Tosca" as "La Tosca" featuring marriage in the finale rather than a tragic death, the Christmas panto "Boots and the Holly Tree," as well as praised performances, such as David in "The Rivals," Dick Heddar in "The Light that Fails," and Rupert of "Rupert of Hentzau." In 1901 he enjoyed his great moment on the American stage playing opposite Maude Adams in the role of Valentine Brown in "Quality Street." David S. Shields/ALS