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Sylvia Breamer



This Australian brunette's entry into American motion pictures in 1917 with Charles Ray prompted her to change her name from Bremer (too German given the prejudices of the war years) to Breamer. A leading lady from the first, her fashionable appearance enabled her to appear as a Follies girl in films, yet her normal features allowed her to be a western "gal" in William S. Hart westerns.

Producer J. Stuart Blackton, one of the senior producers in American motion pictures, admired Breamer's manner of conversing, so starred her in 1918's "Missing." A leading woman in forty-eight feature films from 1917 to 1936, her heyday lasted seven years, from 1917 to 1924.  Her greatest performance may have been as Juliet in the 1921 Goldwyn production, "Doubling for Romeo."  David S. Shields/ALS