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Verree Teasdale



In 1926 Verree Teasdale appeared in W. Somerset Maugham's play "The Constant Wife" supporting Ethel Barrymore, and a heretofore desultory career playing women in comedies that had barely kept her solvent for two years blossomed into a rather edgy stage career in bitchy comedies and a solid motion picture character as a character actress. The highlight of the stage career after this was "The Greeks had a Word for It" in 1930.

Her film career commenced with the R.K.O. musical "Syncopation," a substantial success. A gamer when it came to performing she thrived in the churn-em-out days of the early 1930s and appeared in bombs and hits in equal proportion. In her better releases she often played plainish middle aged women caught up in illicit affairs: "Skyscraper Souls" and "Payment Deferred." She married Adolph Monjou and enjoyed a significant career in radio co-hosting a show with him. David S. Shields/ALS