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Viora Daniel



A native Californian, good-natured Viora Daniel was a silent film actress and comedian who broke into pictures as a leading lady in "So This is America." A natural actress, capable of operating in melodrama as well as farce, her career was limited by poor vehicles and an appearance that was lovely but not particularly photogenic. Her versatility secured her a position in the Lasky Stock Company. As Lasky-Famous Players morphed into Paramount her services were no londer considered necessary, so she hired on in 1921 as one of the women regulars in the Christie Comedies. Christie, having seen her capable performance opposite Fatty Arbuckle in "The Life of the Party," (1920) designed her to become a female film comic, casting her in numbers of that company's short films of 1921-22.  Since characterization was her forte, the plotless improvisational character of these shorts did not show her to maximum advantage.

During the mid-twenties Daniel toured vaudeville extensively before refurning to feature films in several dramas by Gotham Pictures, "Quarantined Rivals" and "One Chance in a Million." With the coming of sound, she left motion picture acting, married Wayne Casaday and devoted herself to foreign travel. The marriage lasted four years.

NOTES: David S. Shields/ALS